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Fencing supplies take up a large part of our business, especially during spring and summer. We supply mostly picket fencing in component form, that is posts, rails and the vertical laths, or pickets. In our opinion this fencing is the best for general domestic situations for the following reasons:

The posts do not have to be placed exactly 1.830m (6ft) apart as is the case with panels, but wherever is convenient (usually 1.8m—2.4m) (6ft—8ft)
The gaps in the laths allow the wind to blow through creating less wind resistance.
It is easier to follow the slope of the ground than using panel fencing.
By fixing long rails to three or more posts a stronger fence is created.

With a bit of advice from us, a complete novice should be able to build a fence of this sort.

Of course we also stock fencing panels and trellis for dropping between concrete or wooden posts. This is the easiest and quickest solution if you already have the posts in place but will generally be more expensive than a picket fence if you are starting from scratch.

If you cannot find the fence design you are looking for, we should be able to manufacture what you require. (See photos)

We also make gates to order.

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