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We have been supplying decking since it became popular in this country about ten years ago and can boast that we have plenty of experience of many different shapes and sizes of decks.

Our decking system differs from many suppliers in that we have the newel posts and spindles manufactured in long lengths. This has the advantage that the newel posts can be used to support the weight of the deck as well as forming the support for the balustrade. Also, the spindles can be cut longer or shorter than the usual 900mm for special situations.

We also aim to stock as many different lengths of deck boards as possible, from 2.4m(8ft) up to 5.4m(18ft) so that it is easier to construct a large deck and there is as little waste as possible.

Having the boards in one piece also has the advantage of rainwater running off as long as a slight fall is created in the direction of the grooves. Our decking board is narrower and thicker than most. This helps prevent them warping and or splitting after the deck has been laid. The pressure treated timber for the framework is usually available in lengths up to 4.8m (16ft), again making construction easier. (See the pictures in the decking section for actual profiles and sizes)

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